What I hope to see die a tortuous, instantaneously combustible, explosive and fiery demise in 2015, besides not corrupt cops themselves, but the insidious policies and lack of training that implicate our nations’ police departments and every level of government right up to the Oval Office, are:

1. From the woman that introduced America to Paula Deen and Barack Obama, “Race on the Oprah Winfrey Show” an hour long gossamer detailing how several rabid racists’ cum Negroes’ best friend/family member, transformed their lives. Why thank you Miss Scarlet, uh I mean Miss Oprah, but the Harpo Production team responsible for this tripe should be lynched. If the show was meant as a salve for your base, white women over the age of 35, you succeeded? You never in 25 years got around to explaining to millions of viewers how your dirt poor Grandmother lived, hand-to-mouth; she, a taxpayer in squalid Mississippi yet no public schools were provided her nor her children, the residue of policies that are affecting children today. However you, a staunch proponent of education, thought it prudent to start a school in South Africa. Whereas you never fully explained to your delicately coiffed viewers how peoples’ dreams are sopped up by a state sanctioned system of rape, murder, theft, arson, unlawful imprisonment and slave labor AFTER the Civil War, notwithstanding incessant Tyler Perry programming, your AHA moment may be that people are tuning out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVZPAV8h8dk

2. Coming soon.

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