New to my tea pantheon is Uruguayan favorite, Yerba Mate. Mate is the caffeinated beverage of choice in much of South America much like coffee here, but this delicious brew will rarely keep you up at night. The benefits of mate outweigh the North American favorite and Green Tea too because it is loaded with vitamins and minerals, improves mental clarity, aids digestion and supports weight loss.

In lieu of paying high prices for a bottled Yerba Mate Passionfruit blend I like, I came up with my own home brew. Add 4 Tablespoons Yerba Mate to 32 ounces of freshly boiled, hot water (I used a French Press) and allow to steep for 10 to 15 minutes. Steeping longer will result in a much more intense caffeine effect. Remove the tea leaves. Add one cup cold water, one cup Santa Cruz Organic Mango Passionfruit Agua Fresca and Agave Syrup to taste. Refrigerate, and serve over ice garnished with melons. !Salud!


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