I’m already wiped out from the holidays and it is only the 16th! It’s amazing how some people drink spirits every night and wake up to grapple with a job or children or a mate without difficulty. I had one drink Friday night, two Saturday night and one for Sunday brunch today yet I’m struggling. Besides re-hydrating myself which is essential before, during and after a night or day of carousing, I found a holiday themed pick-me up that everyone can enjoy. I have always loved eggnog, one of my favorites is a spiked version called Ponche Cuba which I enjoyed in St. Maarten years ago. So anytime I can get my fix on, I try to. I came up with an eggnog tonic, so to speak, yesterday which truly aided me in getting ready for my next outing. Later in the week, I will give you a conventional eggnog recipe an 80 year old friend got from her late mother-in -law – it is everything! I will also try to wrangle my 29 year old nephew Kyle’s recipe from him although I’m not sure it has been memorialized despite it being really good.

Energy Eggnog

  • Yerba Mate Tea
  • Organic Milk or Milk Substitute (I like Hemp Milk)
  • Cardamom
  • Nutmeg
  • Freshly Grated Ginger Root (Optional)
  • Agave
  • Organic Vanilla Extract

Brew the yerba mate per instructions on the package. Use a french press to get the best results; let the loose tea leaves remain in the press to get a strong tea concentrate. You can refrigerate the concentrate and use when you wish. Take 2 ounces of the yerba mate concentrate and pour into a 12 ounce glass. Mate does contain a stimulant which is why 2 ounces is more than enough especially if you’re sipping this in the afternoon. Top with approximately 8 ounces of chilled milk. Sweeten to taste. Garnish with a dash of cardamom, a splash of vanilla and a generous amount of nutmeg. Not only won’t you miss the real deal, this version serves as an afternoon energy boost before the next holiday affair. Cheers!

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