The Best Veggie Burger Recipe: Euro Style

The Best Veggie Burger Recipe: Euro Style

Since our president has made sure we are not invited anywhere this summer, I had to bring a little of Europe home with the best Veggie Burger recipe. I used a Beyond Burger patty, which lacks soy, then added Dutch gouda cheese, French Dijon mustard, German sauerkraut and English rocket which I’m obsessed with. Select the patty of your choice and dream.

Euro Burger

Heat patty per instructions, when you flip the veggie burger add thinly sliced gouda or vegan cheese to the top. Heat oven to broil, butter each piece of bread and toast in oven for about a minute, watching closely. Add condiments to bread then veggie burger patty. Serve with whatever you’d like, perhaps a healthy Coke Float? Bon voyage to a place where the best veggie burger recipe is always 15 minutes away!


Let me know how the recipes come out!