Steakhouse Salmon

Steakhouse Salmon

White people need to start holding White people accountable. My patience is becoming more and more challenged by the wider world daily, even by friends or long term acquaintances. I arrive home, my nerves are frazzled, I don’t want to cook! But I do want to eat something amazing and nourishing per usual; eating out can really be a minefield particularly post pandemic. The food is generally so low quality, preparing something quick at home is a safer bet for a person with a sensitive stomach like me. Steakhouse Salmon was born out of a need for speed with respect to the kitchen.

Even as a kid, I always ordered the fish at steakhouses; a whole, grilled rainbow trout garnished with a lemon wedge pleased my palate then and now. The African Heritage Diet recommends consumption of meat or fish only 1 to 3 times a week for optimum health. I find if I eat anymore than that I don’t feel my best.

Stress is as great a contributor to disease as is poor diet and nutrition. I believe racism and the stressors of grappling with discrimination are the true root cause of health disparities among African Americans. This week we observed young Black women taking the time away from their high profile careers for self-care. The women, both brilliant superstars in their chosen fields, determined that their mental health was more important than the work they do. As a result, these women are being subjected to a plethora of public derision primarily from White people. At least one of these outstanding women was raped by a White man, just like my Great-grandmother and countless African-American women before her. In the past we Aunties would have brought our young nieces home to heal, prepared some Steakhouse Salmon, Fried Corn, an updated version of steak frites, Soul Seasoned Fries and a mixed greens salad with dollops of Healthy Ranch-Style Dressing. We would lament, curse, and mourn the violation, the violator. Then in the morning we would rise courageously, to face the day again.

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