A man

A man will love you fiercely the moment you open your eyes at Dawn

He’ll repeatedly tell you you’re beautiful well before you have enough sense to know yourself

He’ll work hard at his Craft which means lots of time away from you

But he’ll sit and wait patiently while you clothes shop

And take you fishing or to the game with his friends even if you’re the only woman there

A man will value your opinion

most of the time

He’ll listen to your advice on what to wear, movies and music he should hear

He’ll be adventurous and fun

Game to take to a last-minute flight to Seoul and wake at 1am to check out black market vendors in Hong Kong

He will Truly love you

But love other things too

He will not be perfect

But dedicated

A man will

Because a Man did

Ode to my father Dr. Edward F. Sparks, who would have turned 76 today.



3 thoughts on “A man”

  • Thanks for sharing, Robin. What a beautiful picture your words helped me form and what a lovely surprise to learn, at the end, it was an ode to Ed. Wonderful photo too. There is much that the death of a loved on brings to those of us left behind…Ed’s death left me realizing how little I knew about him, an amazing Man, but alsp how much I loved him just the same.

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