Happy Labor Day 2019!

I want to formally thank Jocelyn Delk Adams for selecting my Jamaican Jerk Chicken recipe as one of her 20+ BEST Labor Day Recipes To Make Your Holiday A Hit. You can also make extra Jerk Sauce and present it to your barbecue host or hostess today. Enjoy your life always!

Sustainable Eating

I was embarrassed as a kid because my mother required me cook dinner for our family. At least she made my brother cook too unlike some of my friends parents with Southern roots - the girls did all the inside work, the boys the outside - but she certainly did treat my brother better than… Continue reading Sustainable Eating

Plant-Based Busy: Mushroom Kale Quiche

The 1970's were a compelling time for BIPOC, women and sustaining food trends. Vegetarianism, organic and macrobiotic diets were sprouting on the Left Coast near where I grew up in New Age, crystal tinged town. I wanted to become a vegetarian at age 10 when I somehow found out what hot dogs were made of.… Continue reading Plant-Based Busy: Mushroom Kale Quiche

Mango Passionfruit Mate

New to my tea pantheon is Uruguayan favorite, Yerba Mate. Mate is the caffeinated beverage of choice in much of South America much like coffee here, but this delicious brew will rarely keep you up at night. The benefits of mate outweigh the North American favorite and Green Tea too because it is loaded with… Continue reading Mango Passionfruit Mate

Deep Fried Lies

Growing up in an African-American farming community my mother recalls that the cows were grass-fed and chickens free range well before those phrases ever became coined. Her family raised fruit, vegetables, chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, cows and horses. Dependent upon cows for commodities like milk, butter, and buttermilk, consumption of beef or other meat was… Continue reading Deep Fried Lies