Winter Blues Gin Cocktail

Winter Blues Gin Cocktail

As an experienced hostess I can say with complete authority, having a signature cocktail makes any gathering easier. With the holidays rapidly encroaching (Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving dinner is even served is a new one but ok) I have come up with some delectable drinks and hors’douerves to make the season brighter for everyone involved. The first in my repertoire – the Winter Blues Gin Cocktail. Easy, but delicious, makes the season merry and bright.

I devised the Winter Blues Cocktail in 2019, yet it is so apropos for 2020. In keeping with the ancestors, enjoy libations during special times such as holidays. Moderation has its’ place.

Nolet’s Gin plus Santa Cruz Organic Blueberry Lemonade is all you need. Frozen blueberries and a dash of bitters help things come out nice. Make sure the lemonade is chilled that way you can avoid needing to use ice and a cocktail shaker. You can mix up a pitcher of Winter Blues before the guests arrive and simply pour when someone is parched. That frees you up to worry about other matters like the food or socializing with your guests – once it is safe to do so. A host enjoying themselves at their own party should be the number one priority. If you are feeling particularly festive, make the Winter Blues Gin Cocktail and the Award Season Gin Spritzer too.

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