Today, after taking an hour walk I developed a severe headache on the right-side. I was trying to do some work but the pain was worsening and then the nausea hit – I am going to have to lie down I thought. I knew the two ailments coupled together are classic symptoms of migraines. As a younger person, I never had headaches unless they were connected to some allergen in the air and even those were rare, yet hormonal changes can cause them so I guess I grew into them.

For some unknown reason instead of lying down I went into the kitchen and poured a glass of Passion Berry Mango Maui Black Tea I made for Thanksgiving guests. Within minutes of sipping my medicine, my headache was gone. If you don’t over imbibe, caffeine is an apparent cure for migraines. Now I see why Aunt Hilda kept BC Powder in her purse at all times; and one of the reasons why black tea is the African-American staple – it is just as beneficial as the trendy green variety.

I brew the tea per the instructions on the packages but I combine the two Natural Grocer’s varieties in one french press and let sit for about 30 minutes – this is your concentrate. Drain the liquid from the leaves, and sweeten while hot/warm. I used organic cane sugar and organic agave syrup. Weaken with water to taste. Garnish glasses with lemon slices, go forth and be migraine free!

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