Salad Sampler Series

Salad Sampler Series

In the summertime the temperature where I live can migrate north of 100 degrees many days. The thought of turning on the stove and cooking, let alone eating the types of dishes I usually enjoy during most of the year, red, black and white beans or red and french lentils, is awfully unpleasant because the fare is so heavy.

So in lieu of feeling like a sunning sea lion, I came up with the idea of Salad Samplers which is simply serving three or more salads for a meal. Really any of these salads could be served by themselves they’re so delicious, but the sampler is not only a nutritional megastar, you also feel a bit more satiated when you have more to choose from on your plate. First up, Kale Salad. Somewhat of a deconstructed pesto, you will gobble this trendsetter up.

1 bunch Organic Kale

1 Organic Carrot

1 Head of Organic Broccoli

1T Organic Pecans

1 – 2T Organic Parmesan Cheese (omit for Vegans)

1T Cold or Expeller Pressed Olive Oil

1T Fresh Squeezed Organic Lemon Juice

2 Pinches of Organic Thyme

Salt and Pepper to taste

Wash all the vegetables thoroughly. Pat the kale dry, cut off the stems and chiffonade. Chop broccoli and chiffonade carrot using a vegetable peeler. Coarsely crush pecans. Combine last 4/5 ingredients in a ramekin, stir well. Combine vegetables in a medium sized bowl and sprinkle with the parmesean. Serve in shallow bowls and dress individually. Serves about 2-3.

Let me know how the recipes come out!