Southern Salad

Southern Salad

Last year I became so ill my primary care physician prescribed antibiotics. 20th century, Western medical practitioners abused their privilege to write antibiotic prescriptions so severely that bacteria has now mutated and become resistant to numerous medications.

That’s why if you have a cold, flu or any type of virus, PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW A MEDICAL PRACTITIONER TO CONVINCE YOU TO TAKE ANTIBIOTICS. Try to avoid them as a rule unless your condition is indeed a bacterial infection that may only be cured with the use of antibiotics.

Reluctantly, I succumbed to antibiotic treatment but my primary rationale was I hadn’t taken not a one since June of 1996. My recollection is clear because I flew from LA to LGA on a red-eye for a date, despite the fact my friend told me before I departed California I had white spots on my throat. I really liked this guy, so I went anyway. We both love(d) food, so he was excited to take me to this particular restaurant; it was damn sad the only thing I could successfully eat was plain, raw cucumbers. Since then, cucumbers have become my go to food when others fail, which usually means my sensitive stomach is acting up.

When I was growing up, my Mississipppi-bred mother would often simply slice raw tomatoes and peeled cucumbers, lightly salt and pepper the duo to taste and that was it. I’m calling it a Southern Salad because I think the combo is a common Southern side dish. Add a squeeze of lemon juice or any kind of vinegar for a delicious flavor kick. Wash well, but leave the peel on the cucumber to maintain the nutrients and fiber.

Let me know how the recipes come out!