Hibiscus Ice Cream Float

Hibiscus Ice Cream Float

I needed to cool off and I did with a Hibiscus Ice Cream Float. Reminds me of a Dairy Queen Mister Misty (which I was verrry into to around ’76) minus the high fructose corn syrup and subsequent genetically modified organisms. Many of you are probably too young to know it, but there was a song by Tower of Power that came out in 1976 that has been running through my mind tonight. The hook goes:

I can’t stand to see the slaughter but still I eat the meat

I can’t stand dishonest people but still sometimes I cheat

I can’t stand that air pollution but still I drive a car

Maybe that’s the reason why things are like they are

Whose side are you on? In the meantime I am striving which includes helping make sure my local police department’s budget is not increased by $2 million, and these are Democrats we’re going up against – they’ve been off track nationwide since at least 1992. I live in an area that is heavily funded by tourism, real estate and retirees. We all want our communities to be safe but increasing public school funding across the board, reintroducing music, art, after school programs and adding school counselors is a more common sense approach.

Let’s celebrate our new national holiday Juneteenth by making Hibiscus Tea then adding a couple of scoops of your favorite ice cream to it. Make sure your barbecue has plenty of healthy options like too like a Summer Salmon Pasta Salad, Pan Fried Mahi Mahi and Navy Beans. That way you can enjoy the Hibiscus Ice Cream Float guilt free and with a splash of coconut rum for the adults.

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