Hibiscus Ice Cream Float

Hibiscus Ice Cream Float

I needed to cool off and I did with a Hibiscus Ice Cream Float. Reminds me of a Dairy Queen Mister Misty (which I was verrry into to around ’76) minus the high fructose corn syrup and subsequent genetically modified organisms. Many of you are probably too young to know it, but there was a song by Tower of Power that came out in 1976 that has been running through my mind tonight. The hook goes:

I can’t stand to see the slaughter but still I eat the meat

I can’t stand dishonest people but still sometimes I cheat

I can’t stand that air pollution but still I drive a car

Maybe that’s the reason why things are like they are

Whose side are you on? In the meantime I am striving which includes helping make sure my local police department’s budget is not increased by $2 million. And these are Democrats I’m going up against. They’ve been off track nationwide at least since 1992.

Just make my Hibiscus Tea then add a couple of scoops of your favorite ice cream to it and chill. Until the next battle have an Everything Bagel & Lox Salad before the Hibiscus Ice Cream float so that guilt never comes into play.

Let me know how the recipes come out!