Colorado Border Wall Bulldog

Colorado Border Wall Bulldog

In my 20’s, when I wanted to stay relatively sober and stable during a night out with friends, Baileys Irish Cream on the rocks with a splash of club soda was my choice cocktail. I could drink that all night long and still maintain control. I learned of the drink in the early ’90’s when I was a flight attendant. I was working first class one early Friday evening back when we served hot soup in coach and nine course meals on international, first class flights. Flight traffic was heavy so we kept circling the airport teasing me and the scattered few business men that were really ready for Miller-time. One passenger kept his cool by ordering Baileys and club soda one after another to the point where I said “I’m going have to try that when we get on the ground.” I did and it stuck. Perfect for folks like me who don’t like the viscosity of liqueurs. The Colorado Border Wall Bulldog takes that first class passengers’ invention and blasts into the stratosphere.

So, for my birthday last month I asked a friend for the new Baileys Pumpkin Spice but she couldn’t locate any (sold out perhaps) so she showed up with the Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon flavor instead. I thought I would modify the Colorado Bulldog which is Kahlua, Cream, Vodka and Coke by mixing the Vanilla Cinnamon Baileys with Maine Root Sarsaparilla Soda. The soda, a more interesting cousin of Root Beer, is something folks drank in the South a generation and two ago. The Sarsaparilla plant, native to Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America, is reputed to heal general physical weakness, sexual impotence, headaches, colds, joint pain and skin problems. Add to that, its’ deliciousness and you have your Christmas Cocktail of the Decade. Drink to forget but wake up to fight again! If someone does not like things frothy, make them the low carbohydrate, Crispy Spark instead.

Colorado Border Wall Bulldog

1 part Vodka

2 parts Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon

3 parts Maine Root Sarsaparilla Soda

Crushed Ice

Fill a brandy snifter 3/4 full of ice. Add 4 Tablespoons Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon and 6 Tablespoons Maine Root Sarsaparilla. Stir all ingredients together. Garnish with Hot Tamale candy if desired and don’t drink then drive. Cheers!

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