Bean & Cheese Chimichangas

Bean & Cheese Chimichangas

From my understanding the chimichanga is a good example of acculturation. I have a friend named Rosario who was born near Guadalajara over eighty years ago. According to Chaya, the nickname for people named Rosario, tortillas are never nor will they ever be flour. Suffice to say these Bean & Cheese Chimichangas are awesome. The dish however is assuredly not Mexican, but Mexican-American in every way.

I happen to adore flour tortillas but they don’t care about me so much. According to a physician friend, many Black people are gluten intolerant. Traditional Mexican cuisine like the traditional African American Heritage Diet approach, incorporates very few wheat products. Corn is king in both camps. New World Africans obviously acculturated to the consumption of corn from Native Americans. The introduction of wheat flour, and subsequently gluten, seems to have occurred when indigenous populations came into contact with Europeans. In the 1830’s the introduction of flour, lard and sugar to Native Americans relocated to reservations in North America led to grave health outcomes.

In order to prepare the Green Sauce that smothers the Bean & Cheese Chimichangas, you can use my Pozole Verde Soup recipe. Simply stir the sauce a few minutes on the stove with a bit of cornstarch to thicken it and you have got it. Sometimes I use Black Beans in my chimis, although Pinto Beans are surely more Mexican American and Southwestern.

A Bean & Cheese Chimichanga is covered in Green Sauce and garnished with chopped green onions and cilantro.

Bean & Cheese Chimichangas

This classic Sonoran style Bean & Cheese Chimichanga with Green Sauce is the delectable dish you are craving for dinner tonight.
Prep Time 1 d
Cook Time 30 mins
Total Time 1 d 30 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine African American, Mexican, Mexican American
Servings 6 people


  • Large Frying Pan
  • Tongs
  • Medium Saucepan
  • Large Wooden Spoon


  • Large Flour Tortillas
  • ¾ cup Organic Avocado Oil
  • Beans, pre-prepared
  • cup Pozole Verde Soup, pre-prepared
  • 2 tbsp Organic Cornstarch
  • Organic Cheddar Cheese, grated
  • Organic Green Onions, chopped
  • Organic Cilantro, garnish


  • Place Pozole Verde (Green Sauce) Soup into the saucepan on medium heat.
  • Bring to a boil, add cornstarch and reduce heat to low, stirring frequently.
  • Add Avocado Oil to frying pan and heat to medium low.
  • Take two room temperature tortillas and fill with about ½ cup of beans, a Tbsp. of Pozole Verde Sauce and cheese.
  • Carefully fold the tortillas like a burrito and then place into the frying pan.
  • Cook until the side is brown and crisp, about one minute and then flip the chimichanga and cook for another minute.
  • Remove immediately from the oil and place onto a plate lined with paper towels.
  • Place chimichanga onto a plate and garnish with additional grated cheese, Green Sauce, chopped green onions and cilantro. Serve.
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21 thoughts on “Bean & Cheese Chimichangas”

  • I am gluten intolerant, and I don’t know why. So it’s corn tortillas all the way, or tortillas made out of other things besides flour. Stay safe because, hopefully, the end is sorta near.

  • My daughter is gluten intolerant but luckily for us we’re not hard core flour tortilla lovers. To know that most African Americans are gluten- intolerant is very interesting!!

    • I thought the same thing Renia! I just came to the realization I was gluten intolerant this year. I however still enjoy the occasional flour tortilla without too much incident.

      • Wow! You are lucky. My gluten thing has gotten worse and worse as I get older. I used to be able to sample a bite of my husband’s cake or whatever, but now I cannot at all. I get violently ill from a crumb. One of the many reasons why I dislike aging so much! Oh well.

      • I’ve been to a gastroenterologist. He said that wheat is now bioengineered, and he has several patients who developed an intolerance to wheat after that happened! I have a dairy intolerance now too, and he said that cows eat that wheat and treated grass. So voila! It’s his suspicion but not proven. It makes sense though. I too try to stay away from anything problematic, but chemicals are on everything we eat. Scary.

    • One did once, before I ever knew what was making me sick. It was hard to stick to. I love to bake and cook. I sort of knew then that I couldn’t eat sandwiches every day, yet I could eat a bowl of raisin bran with a glass of skim milk every morning and not get sick. Weird. Now, no way to either of those! Lol! All of this is tmi! Have a good weekend, such as it is.

  • We love Mexican-American food, and like you, my husband is partial to flour tortillas. We made this last night and it was a hit. Very satisfying and full of flavor.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Bean and cheese chimichangas were the perfect meat alternative for my sister in law when we had a family Taco Tuesday. The flavors were amazing, and she gave rave reviews!

  • I’ve never made chimichangas before so I was so excited to try this recipe! It was so much easier to make than I thought! You really did a great job of making sure that the directions were clear and easy to follow. Also, the flavor of this dish was out of this world! I can’t wait to make this again!

Let me know how the recipes come out!